Cuttings: general principle

Cuttings: general principle

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Cuttings are a very simple vegetative propagation method that some plants tolerate perfectly.

It is also the advantage of finding the exact same plant as the one you like!

Among the most easily cuttable species, we find the willow, theOlivier, the pear tree, the Apple tree, the fig tree or the vine.

Make way for technique: Here are the tips necessary for the successful completion of the cuttings:

Cutting technique

Classic cuttings => This practice concerns most plants.

  • Choose a healthy cutting that is insect-free, flower-free and proliferating.
  • Cut the branch of 10-15 cm with a very clean secateurs (disinfected) so as not to contaminate the cutting.

  • Remove the leaves and side shoots on the part that will go into the ground.

  • If necessary, immerse the base in a hormone powder sold in garden centers.

  • Plant the cutting in a special cutting soil or a mixture of peat blonde and sandy.

  • Water generously.

  • Maintain a good level of humidity until the installation

When to practice cuttings?

May June
Stem cuttings => stems of the year: chrysanthemums, anthemis, carnations, St. John's Wort, etc ...

July August
The semi-hardened cuttings => The base is hard and the tip still tender: Geraniums, fuchsia, evergreen shrubs.

October November
Dry wood cuttings => hard wood: Deciduous trees and shrubs.

The cuttings of the leaves =>Some species like begonias and saintpaulias as well as most houseplants require this particular method.

Among the main species to cut and, whatever the technique, we find:

camellia, rhododendron, buddleia, japanese quince, forsythia, lavatère, fuchsia, honeysuckle, lilac, ceanothe, spirea, weigelia, hibiscus, aster, dahlias, lantana, nasturtium, clematis, wisteria, privet, cypress, oleander, etc ...

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