Four good reasons to give flowers

Four good reasons to give flowers

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Don’t wait for special occasions to give flowers to those you love, and do it more often.

Because now it is proven, bouquets are good for your health!

Flowers make men more attractive

According to a study by social psychology researcher Nicolas Guégen, the presence of flowers in a room improves a woman's perception of a man during a first meeting.

Single college students invited to interact with a young man in a room with three large bouquets have him considered sexier than those who have met in a room without flowers!

They make us more social

According to research by the Department of Psychology at the University of New Jersey, receiving flowers promotes interactions with other people, even if they are strangers.

By offering either a bouquet or a pen to people about to take the elevator, the researchers observed that those who received the flowers were more likely to strike up a conversation with strangers around them.

They soothe us

According to the studies of professor Liu Mingwang, the mere fact of seeing flowers is enough to cause positive physiological effects and improve our performance.

People viewing the video of a florist composing a bouquet showed a reduced stress and greater efficiency in solving mental arithmetic than those who hadn't seen it.

They make us stronger

According to studies by Professor Richard Mattson, the presence of flowers has a positive effect on the ability to resistance to disease and pain.

His teams placed a bouquet of flowers in the hospital rooms of patients who had just undergone appendicitis. They found that the latter demanded less pain relievers and endured pain better than those placed in rooms without flowers.

Video: Making Flower Bouquet. Small posy of 5 red roses handbouquet Singapore Florist (June 2022).