French outdoor fans

French outdoor fans

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Barbecue, picnic and gardening are some of the favorite activities of the French on the return of sunny days.

The sun is coming back and our desires for nature come with it! According to a TNS Sofres survey for Campingaz *, the French are more addicted to outdoor activities than ever.

The barbecue comes first : more than 3 in 4 French people devote themselves to the joys of grilling.

Then come the picnic (62%), then gardening which fascinates 55% of French people. Follow hiking (48%), camping (31%) and water sport (25%).

So many activities associated with the search for nature, pleasure and freedom, but also conviviality and health.

The outdoors, a story of family and friendships

In general, outdoor recreation is predominantly practiced by families with children: 88% of parents have barbecues and 76% picnic, compared to 67% and 53% of people without children, respectively.

The barbecue is practiced with family or friends, generally with these gentlemen behind the grill. As good "tribal leaders", 80% of men say they take care of the grilling. On picnics, the latter worry about carrying corkscrews and matches, while the women take care of the comfort, they are the first to think of glasses and folding chairs. French picnics are therefore comfortable… but not yet totally green! 66% of lunch on the grass followers use disposable napkins, plates and cutlery, although almost all say they are careful not to leave any waste in nature.

Craze for the vegetable garden and gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular passions in France. A BVA survey for Gamm Vert reveals that cultivating a vegetable garden is seen as a pleasure for 91% of French people. A popular activity, gardening continues to make new followers: 31% of French people have a vegetable patch in their garden, 17% on their terrace or balcony, and more than 1 vegetable patch in 4 to less than 5 years .

Gardening is seen as a way to relax, but also to "do it yourself": harvesting your own fruits, vegetables and aromatics allowing you to eat healthy and regain the taste of food. A trend that is part of the ecological concerns, but also economic concerns of our time, since 39% of French people, and in particular young people, see it as a way to save money.

* Second edition of the Outdoor Leisure Observatory, survey conducted in 2011 with a representative sample of 1,000 people.

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