Mayfly of Virginia

Mayfly of Virginia

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Last name : Tradescantia x andersoniana
Family : Commeliinaceae
Height: 40 to 80 cm

: Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary
Interview : Regular watering

Type : Perennial

Planting the mayfly

You can plant them from early fall until late winter, watering them generously.

Planting possible in spring for all plants purchased in pots or containers.

  • Space each plant 40 cm
  • Prefer a sunny or partially shaded place.
  • Multiplication of the ephemeral by division of the tuft, in spring or fall.

Care for the mayfly!

In the fall, when the foliage is completely yellow, cut the foliage flush with the ground.
The plant needs to see its leaves turn yellow in order to build up its reserves for the next flowering.
This is the condition for enjoying very beautiful flowers the following year.

To know about the ephemeral

The Mayfly is known for its long, gnarled stems, long, narrow leaves, and clustered 3-petalled flowers.
The flowers are mostly purple, blue, sometimes pinkish white, red or pink.

There are very many species (around 70) while some are considered to be house plants.

It is recommended to use them in flower beds, rather in the background for their advantageous size or at the edge of a pond because they are not afraid of water

Smart tip for the mayfly

The mayfly needs water, especially in hot weather.

For the pot cuture, keep the soil moist by regular watering.

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